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Our philosophy is simple: Enjoy life. Make good work. Bring other people along.

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Grievance Gulch

Dusty boots. Itchy trigger finders. Yodeled apologies. We've got it all in our latest project, an animated series about the last of the gunslingers. Find out more at grievancegulch.com

The Big Bike Boom Mark Two

The coronavirus pandemic has sparked a massive bike boom. But will this one stay with us, or fizzle out like the bike boom of the 1970s? We get to the bottom of it in our short film.

Would You Date the Planets?

Sure, it's at the top of this page already, but dammit we spent a ton of time and money to get this short made. We're proud of it. It's currently making its way around film festivals. Got deep pockets? Fund us!

Bad Gladiator

In the ancient Roman empire, one boy has a dream: to fight in the arena for the glory of Rome! If only someone would tell him where it is... Check out our highly-rated audio drama here.

Workshops and Whatnot

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The beating heart of our community is our Discord chat. Comedy writers from all over the world post their daily jokes, link to their finished work, and hang out. Feel free to stop by, ask questions, and see what we're all about.

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We write together often. The only way to make great work is to make a lot of work. Jump on our mailing list for information. Pitch ideas. Build your motivation and have a laugh or two in the process. It's a whole lot of fun.

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We do occasionally hold classes, and when we do they are super cheap. We prefer to be busy making our actual work, but who knows? They might come back. Email Jim Hodgson if'n you're feeling super froggy:
[email protected]

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